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Agrimia Apartments

  Pano Platanias, 730 14 
       Chania, Crete, Greece
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  +30 2821 060688
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NeoriaWalking down the street, Venetian elegance welcomes you as you face the old Venetian shipyards called Neoria.

Around the 14th to 16th century, there was a great need for presence of the Venetian fleet in the island of Crete, so a place was created which was used to build & repair shipyards, called Arsenali or Neoria. The south complex was completed in 1599, with the construction of 17 Neoria. In 1607 five more Neoria buildings were constructed on the eastern basin of the harbor. Only two of them were completed and they are the Moro Neoria. Today only 7 survive out of the 17. At the old days they were open on the side of the sea, to make access easier. The ceilings are arched, connected with arched openings of the same thickness as the walls. Today they are used to host several types of events and a small museum.