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Agrimia Apartments

  Pano Platanias, 730 14 
       Chania, Crete, Greece
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  +30 2821 060688
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Samaria GorgeThe Gorge of Samaria, one of the largest in Europe, with 18 kilometers (11 miles) in length and 300 to merely 3 meters (1000 to only 10 feet) in width. In its unique landscape and beauty, many native species of wildlife find refuge, for example the well-known Cretan wild goat, "Kri Kri". The gorge can be visited from May to September. (Strictly prohibited, at all times, are camping, overnight staying and any kind of fire).

For more information contact:

  • Greek Mountaineering Club of Hania, Tzanakaki 90 street, tel. 0030 2821044647.
  • National Park Resort of Samaria, tel. 0030 2821067179.